This is why we pushed and slapped that white man – EFF

Fighters say security man violently pulled Julius Malema in corridor of NA

EFF statement on the assassination threat on CIC Julius Malema during SONA

8 February 2019

The EFF has received media enquiries regarding an assassination threat on the life of the CIC, Julius Malema which had been planned to be executed during the 2019 State of the Nation Address yesterday.

The security threat implicates elite members of the police, who are in collaboration with right wing groups to take the life of the CIC, in an attempt to undermine the advances on the expropriation of land without compensation discourse, that will soon be law.

We are told that the Parliamentary Security Service, a.k.a "white shirts", have been infiltrated by these groups and targeted the occasion of the SONA to execute the assassination. The hope was that the EFF caucus would be kicked out of the house ,using the parliamentary security (white Shirts). The anticipated evil acts would then be carried out during this moment of chaos. The EFF can confirm this and any further inquiries regarding this threat must be directed to the SAPS and the minister of police.

Accordingly, when the CIC, Malema, and the EFF leadership were unreasonably stopped by these white shirts in parliament, after the house had been adjourned, we all thought this was the moment and reacted with the necessary self-defence. The event of a white security man in black and white, being pushed and clapped in the face, followed him violently pulling the CIC Malema, from passing through the corridor doors of the National Assembly.

We must put it on record that according to the Powers, Privileges, and Immunities of Members of Parliament Act, Section 7 (c), no one is allowed to obstruct MPs in the precinct of parliament from going anywhere to do their work. It is illegal and those who do security in the precinct should be well aware of these provisions.

The EFF is, nonetheless, not moved or intimidated by these reports of a security threat. The basis for not turning SONA into a Question and Answer session, as communicated in our January press conference, is because President Cyril Ramaphosa complied with our demands. We had said he must come clean in the BOSASA money that he has received; and communicate this in an open media platform. He not only did so at the ENCA, he also released his statement to the Public Protector regarding the matter. This proves him as a man who does not think of himself as above the law, because all of us must be accountable and never take parliament for granted.

Issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 8 February 2019