Time govt treats citizens with respect – John Steenhuisen

DA leader wants to know why it took a legal challenge for govt to provide answers on vaccine

Why has it taken a legal challenge for Government to provide answers on vaccine?

20 February 2021

The Democratic Alliance has welcomed the national Government’s long-delayed release of its Covid vaccination strategy and plan - but greatly regrets that we had to threaten court action before the government made the plan publicly available. Click here to download Government's answering affidavit.

Now that this has happened, the purpose of our court challenge has been met, and there is therefore no point pursuing the case further.

We have made it clear to the Presidency that we will be monitoring the implementation of the plan at every step of the way, and he will see us back in court if the government’s actions show it is incapable of delivering on its commitments.

The long delay and the bungles so far, especially as far as the Astra Zeneca vaccine from India is concerned (which will expire before the second dose can be administered) is indicative of the extent to which oversight is necessary to hold this government accountable. The same applies to the release of the vaccine strategy and roll-out plan.

It is time that the Government treated South Africans with respect, and ensured that the plans to deal with a life-and-death issue are timeously shared and explained. South Africans deserve no less. The DA will continue to stand up for these rights.

Issued by John Steenhuisen, Leader of the Democratic Alliance, 20 February 2021