"Toilet wars" reflect badly on both parties - COPE

Phillip Dexter says ANC and DA are turning basic right into political football

No winners in "toilet wars" between ANC and DA

COPE is watching with interest as the "toilet wars" between the ANC and the DA continue. Both parties are turning a basic human right into a political football. At the end of the day, there are no winners in the toilet wars, only people whose dignity is trampled on every day.

While it is the right of any organization to raise this issue in any court, chapter nine institution or media outlet, spin doctoring does not provide services.

The ANC has had 17 years to deal with access to clean water and sanitation for all, while the DA has had 4 years in Cape Town. The fact that no progress has been made, especially in areas controlled by the ANC, is shocking. What is even more shocking is that the ANC had no idea about these infringements on the human rights - other parties have had to point this out to them. COPE can therefore deduce that the ANC is either ignorant to the plight of the poor, or choose to ignore their collective voice.

The bucket system still exists in many municipalities and is being taught to a new generation of young people who are purportedly "born free". In places like Meqheleng, Ficksburg, the sorry excuse for sanitation services provided is so poor that there might as well have been no attempt made to provide such services.

COPE's message on this issue is clear - it is up to the voters to hold their local councillors to account for their performance by voting on election day for the mayoral candidate, ward council nominee and organization that they believe will uphold their human dignity, keep its promises and deliver quality services.

Statement issued by COPE Head of Communications, Phillip Dexter, May 9 2011

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