Tokyo and Judy Sexwale in divorce battle

Sunday Times outs housing minister as the "senior minister" referred to in earlier press reports

The Sunday Times has outed Tokyo Sexwale and his wife Judy as the two parties in an acrimonious divorce case currently before the courts. This follows a report in The Star on Friday that stated that "The scorned wife of a senior cabinet minister is taking him to the cleaners", but which stopped short of naming those involved.

The Sunday Times justified the naming of the pair on the basis that "neither party has asked that they not be named and both have commented to us through their lawyers. Tokyo Sexwale has stated through his lawyer, Billy Gundelfinger, that he would like it recorded publicly that he is a party to the divorce."

According to the Sunday Times Judy Sexwale stated in an affidavit before the court that "There have been problems in the marriage which the parties have been unable to resolve, including but not limited to [Tokyo Sexwale] having subjected [me] to physical, verbal, mental [and] emotional abuse and cruelty."

The Star reported on Friday that among Judy Sexwale's demands are the following:

"*An order that assets of the trust (of which they are both trustees) be regarded as assets of the joint estate.

* An order directing the equal division of their assets, including the assets of the two trusts.

* Pay maintenance of R150 000 on the first day of each month and to increase the amount annually on the date of the anniversary of the granting of the decree of divorce at the rate of the consumer price index.

* To provide her with a home of her choice that is valued at no less than R70 million. The house has to be registered in her name.

* To pay for rates, taxes, electricity and water charges levied on the R70m property.

* To pay for home insurance and security "reasonably required".

* To pay her a sum of R3m for household necessities for the establishment of a home.

* A car of her choice every five years, worth no less than R1m. Like the house, the car has to be registered in her name."

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