Tony Ehrenreich threatens land occupations - AfriForum

Ian Cameron says the COSATU WCape PS encouraging violence on farms at a time where farm attacks are a shocking reality in the country

AfriForum says Western Cape farmers should protect their farms "on large scale"

AfriForum has called on Western Cape farmers to protect themselves and their property against the Ehrenreich/Cosatu threat. This, after Tony Ehrenreich, Western Cape Secretary of Cosatu this morning said that farms in the province will be "occupied on a large scale" and that a so-called "war for justice" will begin, if farmers do not stop evicting workers from their farms (see Netwerk24 report).

"Ehrenreich is instigating tension between workers and farmers and he encourages violence on farms at a time where farm attacks are a shocking reality in the country. He is also causing further conflict regarding land. The irresponsible utterances by Cosatu polarise communities in rural areas and will lead to further retrenchments," Ian Cameron, Head of Community Safety at AfriForum said.

Cameron says farmers should get involved in community safety networks to keep land occupiers away, as Government does not have the political will to safeguard them or their farms.

"We will have a famine stricken country without farmers. Even Mr Ehrenreich is fed by farmers, whom he is now portraying as the enemy," Cameron concluded.

Statement issued by Ian Cameron, Head: Community Safety, AfriForum, October 7 2014

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