Update on Makhosi Khoza case – ANC KZN

Party says MP unable to attend hearing apparently because of new threats

ANC KZN statement on the case of Comrade Makhosi Khoza

10 September 2017

The African National Congress has received an update from the Provincial Disciplinary Committee dealing with the matter of comrade Makhosi Khoza.

It is not a usual practice for the proceedings of the disciplinary committee to be regularly communicate to the public.

However, due to a consistent, constant and gravely distorted public pronouncement of comrade Makhosi Khoza it is appropriate for the ANC to provide correct and factual accounts of the proceedings.

This is important to avert possible distortion intended to tarnish the standing of the African National Congress and its disciplinary processes.

The proceeding begun an hour later without comrade Makhosi Khoza who was represented by comrade Smanga Sethene who indicated that her absence was a a result of new threats that emerged last night.

Comrade Smanga Sethene also pointed out that he was instructed yesterday, 9th September 2017, which represented a contradiction from comrade Makhosi Khoza's formal communication with the Provincial Disciplinary Committee dated 26th July 2017, in which she indicated that she was consulting with her representatives.

The case has been adjourned and will convene on Sunday, 17th September 2017, Pixley Ka-Seme House, ANC Provincial Office, in order to accommodate the request made by her representative who was instructed last night and could not have sufficient time to prepare for the hearing.

The Provincial Disciplinary Committee reluctantly acceded to this request and further offered the representative of comrade Makhosi an opportunity to come for a pre-trial during the course of this week but before the 17th September 2017.

Once again an indisputable fact and evidence contained in all correspondences between the Provincial Disciplinary Committee and comrade Makhosi Khoza confirmed that the hearing was set for Sunday, 10th September 2017.

Issued by Mdumiseni Ntuli, Provincial Spokesperson, ANC KZN, 10 September 2017