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Board says BDS is fuelling the flames of a fire that it cannot control (March 11)

 Video reveals hatred, lack of control at BDS rally

The SAJBD has repeatedly expressed concern that the BDS, by importing the Middle East conflict into South Africa, is creating a climate that encourages anti-Semitism while shutting down any possible and rational debate on Israeli - Palestinian issues.

The BDS demonstration held on Sunday, 8 March 2015, shows exactly how the dynamics of intimidation are at play.

In the video link below, the anger, potential for violence and antisemitism is clear. Speakers on the podium refer to the fact that they would shut down the conference. Supporters of Israel trying to attend the SA - Israel exhibition had to be escorted through the crowd by police to ensure their safety.

They were jeered, boo'ed and called sell-outs. The protestors taunted private security, chanting "Takfir", "Msunu wenja", "Msunu Kanyoko", "Go back to you Land", and sang songs with words and titles such as Makuliwe (Let there be a fight), and it became increasingly clear that some BDS members and Cosas were out of control.

The BDS is fuelling the flames of a fire that it cannot control. They base their hatred on the fact that the South African Jewish community and lovers of Israel generally, do not share the BDS's narrow and skewed views on Israel.

The South African constitution ensures the rights of its citizens to freedom of association and affiliation, and in this regard, we acknowledge and are grateful of the role played by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department and the South African Police Service on Sunday in ensuring the safety of all South Africans during the protest. 

Furthermore, we are encouraged how few protesters arrived, and that some of those present, had no idea why they were there. The majority of South Africans do not support this hate-filled behaviour. 

Statement issued by Zev Krengel and Mary Kluk, SAJBD, March 11 2015

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