We are not in coalition with anyone - EFF

Fighter says they will use their leverage in hung councils to benefit the poor


Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Economic Freedom Fighters’ Motion of No Confidence against Mayor Solly Msimanga was today, the 30th of August 2018 dismissed by City of Tshwane Speaker on procedural grounds. The Motion of Confidence was proposed by the EFF on grounds of Mayor Msimanga’s incompetence, cowardice in the face of a racist white Caucus, and inability to implement key submissions of the EFF on issues such as insourcing of workers and opening of clinics for 24 hours. 

True to its opportunistic nature and form, the ANC tried to hijack the EFF motion of no confidence as their own, and somehow expected the EFF to vote with them. When the EFF Motion was dismissed on procedural grounds, the EFF Caucus correctly left council with the intention of re-tabling the motion at a subsequent stage in a manner that will meet all the procedural provisions of Council. 

The EFF will during the course of the delayed motion, consult Lawyers about the correctness of the Speaker’s ruling to dismiss our motion. Furthermore, the EFF will engage all stakeholders involved to develop a concrete way forward, which will include credible transitional measures in the City of Tshwane. In the meantime, all those governing Municipalities must do so with absolute humility and respect. 

The EFF’s consistent position in all Municipalities where there were no outright winners is that those who are borrowed the space to lead should consistently and permanently consult with all political parties. The EFF demands and manifesto commitments that workers should be insourced, clinics opened for 24 hours, and land given to landless communities are non-negotiable and those governing hung Municipalities should implement these without fail. We note that the Tshwane Municipality has now accepted the EFF resolution and started the process of insourcing 4000 workers.

The EFF reiterates its position that we are not in coalition with any political power, but will consistently and decisively use our strategic location and position in hung Councils to advance demands that will benefit poor people, more especially the landless, homeless and jobless people. The EFF will use its strategic position to advance the interests of underpaid and casualised workers in all Municipalities. In doing so, the EFF will closely watch opportunistic elements who somehow believe that will rise to power through the EFF without due process. The EFF will never sell out our people, and will never sacrifice principle on the altar of convenience. We remain the hope of the hopeless and future of South Africa. 

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 30 August 2018