We should not be comfortable with corruption - Julius Malema

Zuma takes our money to Dubai and Mayor Simon Mofokeng takes our money to KFC, EFF leader tells crowd

Pick up the spear and fight - Malema

Vereeniging - EFF leader Julius Malema on Friday called on young South Africans to continue fighting, spear in hand, against various problems in the country.

"We are here to pick up the spear and continue the fight. We must be inspired by the youth of 1976," said Malema while addressing a Youth Day rally in Boipatong in the Vaal.

"We should not be comfortable with corruption. Zuma is stealing our money to Dubai – that is the same money that was supposed to build houses and give people houses and electricity," he said.

"Zuma takes our money to Dubai and [Emfuleni mayor] Simon Mofokeng takes our money to KFC."

A recent cache of leaked emails linked to the Gupta family and its business interests indicate that a multimillion-rand home brought in Dubai was allegedly intended for President Jacob Zuma’s use, and a draft letter from the president to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan says that he intends making the "UAE a second home".

Reports recently emerged that Mofokeng apparently spent more than R1.7m of public money on KFC, Nando’s and expensive hotels.


On Friday, the head of the Economic Freedom Fighters also reiterated the party’s stance on land reform.

"We want the mountains and the seas, it belongs to us," said Malema.

"The fight for land must continue… They want to imprison me. I will never stop speaking about the land. Never retreat. We are fighting for a place to be called home."

Malema also seemed to position his party as the real kingpin behind the actions of the DA.

"We told the DA to deal with Zille," he asserted – referring to the recent disciplinary action against former DA leader Helen Zille following her comments on social media about colonialism.

"The DA is ruling in Johannesburg because of the EFF support… The EFF made it possible for the DA to be in power in Tshwane."

Nevertheless, explained Malema: "I am not desperate to become president; we are building this party from the ground so that it can be in power forever and ever."

He reiterated that if he had been desperate for power, "I would have been a mayor in Johannesburg today."

"It is not power for me. The ANC was started in 1912 and took power in 1994, so what? We are already in Parliament. We are here to stay," Malema told the crowd.