We were on the receiving end of Thatcher's policies - ANC

Party says late British PM opposed its efforts to isolate apartheid, extends its condolences to her family


The African National Congress has learned with sadness of the passing of Mrs Margaret Thatcher the former Prime Minister of Britain at the age of 87. Her passing signal the end of a generation of leaders that ruled during a very difficult period characterized by the dynamics of the cold war. Her tenure as Prime Minister redefined British politics and public administration and these impacted greatly on the European politics and governance.

The ANC was on the receiving end of her policy in terms of refusing to recognize the ANC as the representatives of South Africans and her failure to isolate apartheid after it had been described as a crime against humanity, however we acknowledge that she was one of the strong leaders in Britain and Europe to an extend that some of her policies dominate discourse in the public service structures of the world. Long after her passing on, her impact will still be felt and her views a subject of discussion.

The ANC extends its condolences to her family, her loved ones and the people of Britain. May her soul rest in peace!

Statement issued by ANC national spokesperson, Jackson Mthembu, April 8 2013

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