We will be teaching the DA a lesson in coalition-governed metros - EFF

Fighters say they will stay away from all council meetings in reaction to actions of DA in NMB


Friday, September 1, 2017

Following the actions of the DA in Nelson Mandela Metro which demonstrated an arrogance of power and white supremacy, we have decided to stay away from all other municipality council meetings governed by the DA led opposition coalitions. Although the EFF is not part of any opposition coalition government, we have taken exception to the actions of the DA in Nelson Mandela Metro.

The actions of the DA in Nelson Mandela Metro show that they believe that they can go on with governing without the support of smaller parties. This is why they have no patience in consultation with these parties, in particular at a national level.

The EFF has taken a decision to stay away from all councils meetings of the DA led opposition coalition to demonstrate to the DA that they cannot govern alone without smaller parties. We will do this from time to time as and when they fail to hold unity and respect smaller opposition parties. 

We will also be monitoring the situation in Nelson Mandela Metro to see if we will continue to stay away or even attend and not vote with any of the parties. 

As an organisation, we have been caught between two evils; white supremacy and arrogance on one hand, and the arrogance of corruption and kleptocracy on the other. In dealing with the DA it is always their way or the high way. They fail on all levels to appreciate the humility of being given power by other parties. They behave as though they won elections and thus can survive without smaller political parties. The DA did not win an election and thus it must respect this fact of having to work respectfully with smaller parties. 

It is a fact, that the 2016 elections outcome is such that we had to give the coalition of opposition parties a chance, at times led by the DA, to provide an alternative route out of the kleptocratic era the ANC has plugged us into. However, the DA is failing to hold the opposition parties together, through mature, patient and humble leadership. They employ the same approach of an arrogance of power that has characterised the Nationalist Party, and now the ANC, thus rendering the alternative opposition coalition local governments futile.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 1 September 2017