We will not be subjected to a locked-down elections environment – EFF

Fighters say Ramaphosa's continued restrictions on political gatherings remain contrary to free and fair elections

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) statement on adjusted Level 2 Covid-19 Restrictions

12 September 2021

The EFF notes Ramaphosa State Address on the adjusted Level 2 Covid-19 restrictions. Local Government Elections have been declared for the 1" November 2021. The Constitution of South Africa is unmistakable that elections must be held in a free and fair environment. Ramaphosa's continued restrictions on political gatherings remain contrary to this. Further, his hypocritical approach on COVID-19 restrictions was evident when he called for citizens to be out in their numbers in defense of property and businesses during the July 2021 civil unrest. This was while he had the country on adjusted level 4 restrictions.

Ramaphosa shamelessly lied to the nation in his address when he stated that all political parties agreed to adhere to a restricted elections environment. The EFF has long stopped participating in his so-called consultation meetings because political parties are essentially invited to rubber stamp prepared speeches from his white monopoly capital leaders. The EFF puts it on record that we did not participate in this rubber-stamping meeting with political parties who agreed to campaign under an unreasonable lockdown.

The EFF is opposed to Ramaphosa's continued lockdown regulations and we will not be subjected to a locked down elections environment. We will continue to campaign optimally and no South African will be turned away from participating in any EFF elections programs based on an unreasonable lockdown. We call on all our members and supporters to continue our elections programs.

South Africans register to vote EFF on the 13th and 19th September 2021. Victory is certain!

Issued by Leigh-Ann Mathys, Elections Spokesperson, EFF, 12 September 2021