We're not surprised by ANC/NFP coalition - Buthelezi

IFP leader says it is only a matter of time before breakaway is swallowed up by ruling party



Over the past few weeks during the local government election campaign, I repeatedly warned the electorate that a vote for the NFP is a vote for the ANC. Today my warning has been confirmed.

The IFP is not surprised by the announcement that the ANC and NFP have formed a coalition in KwaZulu Natal to lead municipalities that were formerly under our administration. The electoral results left the province with 19 hung municipalities because the NFP did what we said they would do; they split the vote.

"In the interests of good governance and service delivery, the IFP in good faith," set up a negotiating team and approached both the ANC and the NFP to discuss how the hung municipalities could become functional. The ANC engaged the negotiations perfunctorily, but then sent a message to us that they were not prepared to "co-govern" with the IFP.

The NFP, on the other hand, agreed to discussions, but then failed to turn up for the meeting. Through the media, they set the precondition that the IFP apologise for making the statement that some leaders within the ANC had bankrolled the split in the IFP and supported the formation of the NFP, with the aim of finally defeating their old enemy.

This precondition was then put on the table by the NFP's Mr Mansoor, Mr Ivan Barnes and Mrs Jiyane, the former Mayor of Melmoth. Our team, led by Mr Narend Singh MP, pointed out that the NFP had hurled any number of insults at me, but the need for apologies was irrelevant as the IFP could not meet the precondition.

We could not apologise for speaking the truth, particularly when we had exposed the evidence of this truth in the national House of Parliament and raised it with both the President and Deputy President of the country. The NFP knew well that what they were asking for is impossible.

They approached the negotiating table in bad faith with their plans already forged.

So we are not surprised by the announcement that the ANC and the NFP have joined forces to run KwaZulu Natal. This was the plan all along.

Now it is simply a matter of time before the NFP is swallowed up by the ANC and ceases to exist like countless others before it.

The IFP commiserates with the people of KwaZulu Natal, whose trust has again been broken. We are disappointed with the outcome for the IFP, but have no intention of bowing out. We will not abandon KwaZulu Natal in this hour of betrayal, for we are a party of unyielding principles.

We will remain to champion principled leadership, for the sake of this province, this country and the future.

As long as there is still hope, the IFP remains; and for as long as the IFP remains, there is still hope.

Issued by the IFP, May 30 2011

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