West Rand: Do not renew contract with VBS-implicated CFO – Solly Msimanga

DA Gauteng PC says ANC-led municipality invested R81m with the now defunct bank

DA calls on West Rand District Council not to renew contract with VBS implicated CFO

23 April 2019

The Democratic Alliance (DA) Gauteng Premier Candidate, Solly Msimanga MPL, calls on the West Rand District Council not to renew the contract of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Romeo Mohaudi, who is implicated in the VBS forensic audit report.

Mohaudi’s current contract ends on June 2019 and the DA has learned that he has been shortlisted again as a candidate for the West Rand District CFO position.

For far too long, the DA has called on the ANC in the West Rand District to make public the forensic audit report on the West Rand District Municipality’s illegal investment with VBS Mutual Bank and yet they have ignored our call.

The ANC-led West Rand District Municipality invested R81 million with the now defunct VBS Mutual Bank.

The ANC in the West Rand District Council does not want to release the report because it implicates Mohaudi who contravened the Municipal Finance Act by investing with VBS Mutual Bank.

The DA has learnt that Luthuli House is shielding Mohaudi and is putting pressure on its West Rand District counterparts to renew his contract.

The fact that the ANC in the West Rand is delaying the release of this forensic audit report is an indication that the ANC is not serious about dealing with corruption and wants to sweep this under the carpet.

The DA calls on Gauteng Premier, David Makhura to intervene as a matter of urgency and ensure that the forensic audit report into the VBS investments is released and that those implicated in the report are called to account. The Premier must ensure that Mohaudi’s name is removed from the shortlist for the CFO position.

The DA believes that for Gauteng to prosper we must fight corruption at all levels: in the legislature, in our cities and townships, our communities and informal townships.

Issued by Solly Msimanga, DA Gauteng Premier Candidate, 23 April 2019