Weziwe Thusi must go work at SASSA offices in Vryheid for a day – DA KZN

Party says employees work in a poor environment due to lack of resources

DA challenges MEC Weziwe Thusi to go and work at SASSA offices in Vryheid for a day

27 July 2016

The Democratic Alliance in KwaZulu Natal will write to the Social Development MEC, Weziwe Thusi, urging her to explain the unhealthy working conditions in SASSA offices in the Vryheid. These conditions are not safe for staff and members of the public alike. 

During our oversight visit today, we saw for ourselves the poor environment the employees are facing due to lack of the necessary resources to carry out their duties. 

These hard working employees and vulnerable members of the public are forced to use unhygienic ablution facilities. This forces employees to search for water before resuming their daily tasks. What worsens the situation, is that two departments, SASSA and the Department of Social Development are squashed in one office.  

The dilapidated infrastructure is proof of poor planning and lack visionary leadership in the ANC/NFP run council and district. Most of the prevailing challenges could have been avoided if proper planning and management was instituted.  

The DA is mindful of the current drought prevailing in Abaqulusi municipality and Zululand district but it doesn’t mean the current leadership did not anticipate such natural phenomenon as foretold by science and planned accordingly.  

The situation is not just unacceptable but also causes an inconvenience in rendering necessary services. The DA challenges MEC Thusi to trade her spacious office and experience for herself how her employees work on a daily basis.

People of Vryheid and other areas in KZN have not tasted the fruits of freedom as they are still treated as second class citizens. We call upon the people of Vryheid to lend the DA 5 years to deliver better services for all.

Issued by Thomas Radebe, DA Zululand West Constituency head, 27 July 2016