With whom should we form coalition? - EFF asks followers

Majority says they should side with DA

With whom should we form coalition? - EFF asks followers

5 August 2016

Pretoria – Amid the talks of coalitions, the EFF on Friday asked its supporters on Twitter to vote on which party, if any, it should form a partnership with.

"If EFF goes on a coalition, which party should we vote with?" the party asked on its official account.

The options given were: ANC, the DA, or abstaining.

Nearly 5 000 people took part. The majority, 57%, went with the DA. Around 17% chose the ANC, while 26% said the EFF should abstain.

The EFF have been punted as the kingmakers, with the potential of entering into coalitions in the key metros of Nelson Mandela Bay, Johannesburg, and Tshwane.In NMB, the DA currently had 46.4% of the vote, the ANC 41.9% and the EFF 5.1%. In Tshwane, the DA had 43.54%, the ANC 41.89%, and the EFF 10.5%.In Johannesburg, the ANC had 41.83% and the DA 41.71%.Over 93% of the votes had been counted across the country by mid-morning.

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