YCL condemns media's deafening silence on Israel Apartheid Week

League says spineless, finger-pointing neoliberal media and NGOs shown up for who they are

YCLSA shocked by finger pointing media outlets and NGOs who are failing to support the Palestinian people

This week we saw the launch of Israel Apartheid Week, where many progressive organisations from civil society, religious formations, unions and political structures openly showed their support and solidarity for the oppressed people of Palestine.

This week has, however, also exposed the deafeningly loud silence of numerous spineless, finger-pointing, neoliberal media and non-government organisations. These organisations have shown who their masters are. While often criticizing government and demanding delivery, latching onto legitimate issues, these capitalist role-players often present themselves as honest independent whistleblowers. It is clear now that many NGOs and media outlets present themselves as being fearless and able to criticise and speak out against all human rights violations, with no fear or favor, are actually timid puppets of imperialist Zionist interests.

While they are even willing to demand the resignation of numerous ministers and even the president, who was elected by millions of South Africans in an undisputed democratic election, and they are so opinionated that their views are openly expressed on issues outside their focus areas of HIV, education etc, they are unable to stand up against human rights violations committed by the Israeli government.

While boldly exposing corruption, or making allegations of corruption, they will tell the public that it is criminal to be silent bystanders of injustice, but it is clear that the power of capital has turned these organizations into a cowardly silence. Those who have chosen to be silent are well known, their silence is notable and a clear indication that many NGO's and media are either supporters of the Israeli government or funded by supporters of the Israel government. Those who are funded by supporters of the Israeli Apartheid regime, are beneficiaries of blood money and merely lack the moral power to speak-out, as this could threaten the "arm that feeds them". 

We call upon media who have been quiet to disprove our allegations by giving fair coverage of Israel Apartheid week. Additionally we call upon all NGOs to openly endorse Israel Apartheid Week, to speak out against the systemic and ongoing oppression of the people of Palestine or refrain from being opinionated on issues outside their direct space.

Statement issued by by YCLSA Head Office, March 13 2013

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