YCL welcomes Selebi verdict

Gugu Ndima says judgment affirms the independence of the judicial system

YCLSA statement on the Jackie Selebi trial

The Young communist League of South Africa welcomes the judgment in the Jackie Selebi trial. We applaud the high level of transparency in the processes of the case. This affirms the independency of the judiciary and the Justice system.

The case sends a strong message to those that use government positions to solicit funds and tender deals in government as a stepping stone towards wealth accumulation; such actions will have dire consequences. Struggle and political credentials should not be opportunistically used by individuals to evade the wrath of the law.  Corruption continues to be a hindering cancer on service delivery, to the detriment of our people.  It further dents the credibility of our government.

We applaud the prosecution for the commitment shown in the case. The very same zeal and commitment should equally be used to curb corruption in the private sector , particularly for those that hold directorship positions.

Senior positions within government should never be immune to investigation or prosecution. This case will instill confidence of the people in the justice system.  The case evidently has a trail of unanswered questions and we hope that such lose ends will be tied through the processes of  the law.

Statement issued by Gugu Ndima, YCL national spokesperson, July 5 2010

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