Zille should've been suspended - ANC WCape

Faiez Jacobs says colonialism the biggest crime ever committed against the people of Africa

Zille remaining in her position is proof she is above the DA

2 April 2017

The DA Federal Council has missed an opportunity to show the gravity of Helen Zille's Colonial praise, colonialism being the biggest crime ever committed against the people of Africa, by allowing Zille to continue advancing colonial and divisive plans through the might of government.

DA's decision to take Zille to a party DC fails to bring a measure of relief to the people she has offended, especially if she still enjoys the benefits of power, without any ensuing shame of her shameless act. For DA black members uncertainty remains on where the party stands on racism and on the treatment of white and powerful leaders.

Maimane has not shown the same passion in putting South Africans first above Helen Zille who singlehandedly put him where he is as he does about all matters ANC.

The DA should have suspended Helen Zille as Premier of the Province pending the outcomes of DC.

Statement issued by Faiez Jacobs, ANC Western Cape provincial secretary, 2 April 2017