Zille's apology is meaningless – EFF

Fighters say DA must demonstrate its commitment to anti-racism by taking hard action against Premier

EFF rejects Helen Zille's apology on colonialism remarks and calls on her to step down

16 March 2017

EFF rejects the Premier of Western Cape, Helen Zille's apology following her unconstitutional, racist and and anti-black remarks on social media. After taking to twitter to argue that "aspects of colonialism were not bad", Zille apologized for what she says is a "hurt" her comments may have caused. This means she apologizes not because she thinks her idea that aspects colonialism were not bad is wrong, but that this view may hurt others. 

We call on the DA to remove Zille from premiership following these comments as they demonstrate that she has no appreciation for our democratic dispensation. She has proven that she cannot be entrusted with public office, in defense of our constitution. No one, from a public office of our hard won constitutional democratic state must be allowed to freely express such cold hearted racism. 

Her apology is meaningless, because in essence the comments on colonialism represent her true views and the company she keeps. It is a fact that many racist white people sit on dinner tables when black people are not there and express their cold hearted racism; this is what Helen Zille truly is; a cold hearted racist who believes that colonialism, which was crime against the humanity of black people, is not a bad thing. 

The DA must demonstrate its commitment to anti-racism by taking hard action and remove Zille from office. She holds serious responsibility and power, presiding over many black people's lives. She must be removed in the name of the democratic order she has insulted and undermined.

Issued by Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi, National Spokesperson, EFF, 16 March 2017