Zindzi Mandela must be defended from racists' onslaught – EFF

Fighters say without the land, political freedom is futile and will soon be a joke

EFF statement in defense of Zindzi Mandela

18 June 2019

The EFF is in full support of the ideas expressed on Twitter by Zindzi Mandela, our Ambassador to Denmark. She correctly tweeted about the need for black people to get their land back from white land thieves and racists.

Following this tweet, the racist AfriForum has called on her to be fired as an Ambassador to Denmark. We reject this call as racist, and seeking to suppress a legitimate open cry by the African child that land must be returned to its rightful owners, the black people.

No African child must ever be suppressed or even threatened with losing any job or privileges for speaking the truth about the land. The land question must be resolved for a true decolonization of our country to happen. Without the land, political freedom is futile and will soon be a joke.

There is nothing racist by stating the correct fact that white people drove a racist project of land dispossession called colonization. Through colonization they also gained cultural, religious and educational superiority, whilst suppressing and demonizing Africans.

Zindzi Mandela must be defended from the racists onslaught. We are further pleased that the Nelson Mandela Foundation has clarified that it never sought any meeting with her regarding her tweets. She has all the right to freedom of speech. Above all, we must reiterate with her that the land must come back; there must be expropriation of land without compensation for true decolonization to happen.

Issued by Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, National Spokesperson, EFF, 18 June 2019