Zuma is set on destabilizing service delivery in KZN – Zwakele Mncwango

DA PL says former president desperately trying to garner support to avoid long arm of the law

Zuma is set on destabilizing service delivery in KZN

28 March 2018

The DA in KwaZulu-Natal is concerned by the instability that is caused by the former president Jacob Zuma in the province.

His recent campaign of going around the province, trying to mobilise support ahead of his trial, is an indication of a man who is desperately trying to garner support to avoid the long arm of the law.

His campaign has resulted in a reported planned protest march against his pending corruption trial. As the days of his trial get closer, it seems the former president is now changing his tune from what he has been saying all along, namely that he wants to have his day in court.

Of real concern now is that Zuma is hell-bent on destabilizing the province and delivery, with talks of a pending cabinet reshuffle. This is all being made to put more Zuma sympathizers in the cabinet.

This reiterates what we have been saying all along - that the ANC appoints people based on factions, not merits.

The fact that the ANC in KZN is willing to cause instability in the province and disturb service delivery in order to create a safe landing for the former president, is proof enough that they are not fit to govern our province.

The people of KwaZulu-Natal must not allow this, they must punish the ANC for tolerating a corrupt individual for 9 years who led this country into a looting era.

The time for people to bring the ANC below 50% and allow for a government of accountability, good governance and transparency, is getting closer as 2019 is getting closer.

It is now clear that Zuma causes havoc wherever he goes, he is now befriending organisations like Delangokubona, known for causing chaos in the province, in his mission to weaken this province. The DA will not sit back and allow Zuma and the ANC to use this province as his next looting home.

Issued by Zwakele MncwangoDA KZN Provincial Leader, 28 March 2018