Use your blue light vehicles to deliver our textbooks - COSAS Limpopo

PEC also condemns the destruction of books while libraries remain empty


As cosas Limpopo we met for 9th time since our term of office and progressively united as ever before. We were able to decisively take constructive resolutions informed by challenges facing our students across the province. Our students are tired of the mull-administration in the province because it's directly affects them and their future while people who are the cause of these are receiving fat salaries at the end of the month.


As Limpopo we resolved to have bilateral with the ANC in our province to get clarity on some internal political issues concerning our organization and our relationship with them. And to get clarity of why are they silent where else our students suffered and still suffering in our school being fully aware of what is happening educationally in the province.


Our provincial department of education has been under administration for more than six months and we don't see and radical developments since its arrival. As COSAS we are concerned about the continuous resignations of the administrators in the department we demand full explanation from the nation department of what seems to the problem. Because this is one of the reasons why delivery of textbooks was delayed. 

The minister forgot about our text books until she was reprimanded by high court so as cosas Limpopo we are calling for the resignation of the minister, according to us politicians don't forget and what kind of a mother forget her children basic needs. We demand she must be taken out of hat office before the end of September this year because under her leadership we didn't experience any educational transformation but a vicious circle of problems.

Currently because of the department is forced to do its job by a court of law they are delivering wrong books to wrong schools an late. We are saying instead these political heads using this blue lights to buy groceries they should use them to deliver books to our schools in time and it will be correct books. The minister failed to deliver she must go and we demand her educational requirements we doubt if she has ever been in class or tertiary. Edu-solution?

As cosas we also condemn the destroying of books in Seshego while we have empty libraries and don't have books, information is power weather old or current.


As cosas Limpopo we demand to form part of the recovery plan as we are excluded and we resolved that the following should be part of the recovery plan.

We resolved that as Limpopo we should scribe off September holidays to try to cover up much time we lost by this little time and the department pay our teachers for the September holidays.

We also demand that all grades affected for last six month be given free minimum requirement for the tow quarters and this quarter not be assessed, only assess the exams and year marks from this remaining quarters.

We also request our teachers to fully avail themselves in assisting in this process as much as fight for their salaries also fight for us to pass at the end of the year we need them more than before. In this process must be monitored mostly by seniors in the department, SGB and parents. We want these officials to be at the ground because generally we don't see what they're doing on those air-conditioned offices.

We condemn the call of the ANCYL for pass one pass all that doesn't encourage but discourage our students to work hard even under the situation and we want to produce intellectuals (productive products not factory faults) it shows that the ANCYL is led by people who didn't go to school and who don't care about educational future of young people.

As cosas we dedicate ourselves in this process and mandating all our structures to do so across the province to establish more study groups and extra study programmes from today until the 1st day of our final examinations. As cosas Limpopo we also want to pass our condolences to the family of WANDILE MKHIZE who was shoot at his home, a former provincial secretary of ANCYL in KZN and former leaders of COSAS we say whoever did this must pay with his life. May his soul rest in peace.

Statement issued by Resenga Shibambo, COSAS Limpopo provincial secretary, July 2 2012

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