Vladimir Shubin replies to Paul Trewhela

The author of ANC: A View from Moscow sets the record straight on Jacob Zuma's Soviet experience

Paul Trewhela claims (see here) that in my book ANC: A View from Moscow (Mayibuye, 1999, p. 367) I called Jacob Zuma a "Soviet graduate" who "understood Russian perfectly" and visited Moscow in March 1990 together with Joe Nhlanhla.

However in the first edition of my book I didn't mention at all the names of the two comrades who were in Moscow on 20 March "on their way to Havana".

Zuma's name was mentioned by me on that page in the context of "the rapidly changing situation: Jacob Zuma was leaving for South Africa the next day..." So, for every sane person it should be clear that the same man could not leave for Havana and SA simultaneously!

In any case in the second edition of the book (Jacana, 2008, p. 291) I did mention the relevant names - Joseph Nhlanhla and Sizakele Sigxashe. As distinct from Zuma they indeed were Soviet graduates. Moreover, since Trewhela wants to know "in exactly what form of study had these two Securocrats "graduated" I can appease him: Nhlanhla received his Master degree from the Plekhanov Institute of National Economy in Moscow and Sigxashe his PhD from the Kiev State University.

Besides, contrary to Trewhela's claim I have never been a member of the CPSU Central Committee.

Prof Vladimir Shubin, GCOT

P.S. Indeed, there can be no worse anti-communist that a former communist.

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