South Africa is desperately in need of quality political opinion and analysis. 

Politicians are generally surrounded by people who tell them what they want to hear, not what they need to know. Our media meanwhile is thick with 'false friends', commentators who claim to care deeply about the ANC government or DA as an opposition, but somehow never warn of approaching dangers in good time, and who always provide seductive but ruinous advice as to what needs to be done. 

A free and critical press then is essential to health of any constitutional democracy. Good journalism meanwhile is the product of time, thought and expertise.  If no-one pays for it, it will ultimately steadily decline in quality, and then finally disappear. If someone else pays for it - not you - they will call the tune. 

Our supporter programme is the bulwark of our publication, and the guarantee of our independence. Simply put, the more subscribers we have the stronger we become, the better the content you will be able to read, and the greater our influence on the public debate. 

What you need to know

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