ANC responsible for chaos in North West – Joe McGluwa

DA PEC says eruption of violence and ongoing unrest in province due to ruling party's incompetence

DA PEC holds ANC accountable for chaos in our province

18 May 2017

The Democratic Alliance held a special Provincial Executive Committee meeting today, to discuss ongoing public violence in the North West, and resolved that we hold the ANC in the North West responsible for the eruption of violence and ongoing unrest in the province.

Following today’s special meeting of the DA’s Provincial Executive Committee today, it was resolved that the ongoing instability in the province is a direct result of the ANC’s incompetence in the management of local governments and the delivery of basic services to the people.

The aim of the meeting was to put measures in place to report, assess and monitor the situation in all our communities. The message from DA political heads in various communities in the Province was unanimous– “People have had enough of the North West ANC.”

People are tired of the empty promises received at rallies. What they urgently need is to see tangible evidence of service delivery. The ANC should simply get its house in order for the sake of our neglected communities in the North West. Instead of spewing hate-filled speeches at rallies, the ANC must listen to the concerns of the people. It is obvious that ANC infighting, cadre deployment and reckless waste of public funds is fuelling anger in most of our communities.

The DA was the first to register concern about Premier Mahumapelo’s short-sighted Setsokokosane (whirlwind)-project where he sought to provide stop-gap measures to plug service delivery gaps in the most under-served areas. The project achieved its short-term objective of appeasing residents before the 2016 local government elections, but failed to solve any of the systemic infrastructure problems the Province faces. The ongoing protests are a testament to that short-sightedness.

Mahumapelo should have known that the people cannot be fooled. While we continue to raise these glaring shortcomings of the ANC government, we call on all residents to exercise restraint and refrain from engaging in violent activities. We call for calm and ask communities to stop engaging in activities that may further inflame hostilities.

South Africa, and indeed the Northwest, belongs to all who lives in it. Our strength lies in our diversity.

Issued by Joe McGluwa, DA North West Leader, 18 May 2017