Inquiry to be conducted into localisation of Transnet – Parliament

Decision follows meeting where various committee members were concerned about implementation of policies

Trade and Industry Portfolio Committee resolves to conduct inquiry into localisation at Transnet

5 October 2017 

Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry has resolved to conduct an inquiry into compliance with the localisation and local public procurement policy of Transnet.

Committee Chairperson Ms Joanmariae Fubbs said this decision follows an earlier meeting with Transnet, which led to concerns and questions by several Members of the Committee on whether these policies are being effectively implemented. “The aim of such policies is job creation and to grow the economy. The Committee must ensure that the policies government has put in place are effectively used for exactly this purpose.”

The Committee also resolved that Members would be given an opportunity to submit names of individuals, entities or intermediaries to be invited to the inquiry to shed light on the matter. Ms Fubbs said according to Rule 227 (1) c of the rules of Committees of the National Assembly, the Committee can conduct such an inquiry and “issue a summons, but we will try the persuasive route first. We will request and endeavour to agree on a mutual acceptable date and time, however if this is not successful then we will summon.”

The Committee agreed that it required access to original contracts or the relevant portions of the contracts to assist them during the inquiry. It also requires a legal advisor specialising in contracts, as well as industry technical/manufacturing specialist with an understanding of the value chain and South African manufacturing capabilities 

The terms of reference into the inquiry will be adopted at another meeting.

Issued by Rajaa Azzakani, Principal Communications Officer, Parliament, 5 October 2017