Bigoted racists in GCB and FUL pursuing Jiba - ANCWL

League says black sycophants lending credence to discredited self-serving campaign to unseat DNDPP in NPA


The African National Congress Womens League (ANCWL) condemns the unwarranted chauvinistic attack by bigoted racists in the General Council of the Bar (GCB) and Freedom under Law (FUL) against Adv Jiba.

We have observed the well-orchestrated campaign launched against her by the underlings of these NGOs, in both the NPA and the media, who are as racist as they are. We also take note of the role played by their black sycophants in lending credence to this discredited self-serving campaign to unseat her in the NPA. 

We believe it is time we expose once and for all to see the anti-transformation forces that seek take us back as a country, using the same Constitution as an instrument of repression of those who pose a threat the vested interests of white racists.

Whose interests was the so-called corruption busting prosecutor-turned-politician Glynnis Breytenbach serving when he led the prosecution of Mama Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Comrade Tony Yengeni? Whose interests was she serving in granting indemnity from prosecution to directors of big conglomerates of companies involved in the 2010 stadiums construction case, whom the Competition Commission had found they were involved in collusion and whose conduct was blatant corruption? It was no coincidence that she later joined the DA.

Lest we forget: equally the highly-praised Gerrie Nel who was responsible for Hollywood style arrests, whilst heading the racist Scorpions that targeted ANC cadres and shielded whites from prosecution, was to join the racist Afriforum, which is amply evince the interests that he was serving whilst in the NPA. He was later to attempt to make a vain attempt at transparent propagandist white-wash in prosecuting Oscar Pistorius. 

The GCB, FUL and certain section of the media that have been part of this campaign, supported by their runners within the NPA, is the racist “old boys club”, pursuing one objective which the removal of Adv Jiba for their own self-preservation. 

They do so because she is black and a woman. Who is this black woman who dares charge Glynnis Breytenbach, Johan Booysen, the four apartheid security police that abducted and killed Nokuthula Simelane in 1983 when she was only 23 years old. 

We firmly oppose the calls by FUL and their surrogates for the institution of a disciplinary inquiry against Adv Jiba, as retaliation for the prosecution of the likes Booysen and the like. 

Why is FUL not calling for the prosecution of Booysen? Why did the GCB not appeal other SCA decision involving worse-off situations by their members who were white some of whom received financial benefit as part of their misconduct; and yet pursue the appeal against Adv Jiba who had no benefit to receive? 

We will not allow this country to be dictated to by the racist agenda of anti-transformation forces within the NPA, GCB and FUL. Forward we march for pursuit of true justice and equality in our country. We will not allow those forces to distract us or take us backwards. 

We condemn the actions of those forces with the contempt it deserves. We call on the President of the Republic of South Africa not to be dictated to by forces that want to entrench themselves as being above the law in this country. We call on all progressive forces in the legal profession and in society to join hands in fighting the insurgence of racism under the guise of rule of law and protection of Constitutional democracy. 

Statement issued by Meokgo Matuba, ANCWL Secretary General, 22 July 2018