Brackenfell: SAPS obligated to maintain law and order – Okkie Terblance

DA MP says EFF issued a clear threat to intimidate and destabilise

SAPS obligated to maintain law and order at upcoming PAC and EFF protests in Brackenfell

17 November 2020

The Democratic Alliance (DA) calls on the South African Police Service (SAPS) to monitor the planned protests of the PAC to the Brackenfell train station tomorrow and the EFF to Brackenfell High School on Friday closely as dangerous rhetoric regarding these protests already seems the order of the day for both these parties.

The EFF, on its official twitter account, stated that “[on] Friday we will descend and ensure that nothing operates”. This is a clear threat to intimidate and destabilise.

While the EFF is well-versed in incitement to violence, as seen with their Clicks protests and in Senekal earlier this year, the PAC has now also joined the band-wagon by making their protest slogan #OneSettlerOneBullet – a clear indication to their members to take up arms.

The Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, must ensure that the SAPS investigate both the PAC and the EFF for possible incitement to violence and intimidation in the run-up to their planned protest action. The police has a responsibility to maintain law and order and to protect all learners’ right to a peaceful education.

The Brackenfell police must maintain order and ensure that these protests do not descend into chaos and violence, despite what will surely be the best efforts of the PAC and EFF.

As seen with previous protests, the EFF has no qualms to intimidate and harass people, sometimes going as far as harming them, and destroying property in an effort to remain relevant in a country where the Covid-19 lockdown has shown them for the headline-seeking one-trick ponies they are. Without their race baiting and violent protests, the EFF has no political play.

The PAC would do well to take heed and not buy into the perpetuation of race baiting in an effort to buy relevance. Bigotry and racism as a means to scoring political points in the hopes of garnering votes, is a dangerous road with no happy end in sight.

Issued by Okkie Terblanche, DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Police, 17 November 2020