Govt and state owned entities must terminate contracts with ABSA – ANCWL

Women's league appeals for further probe to recover all monies allegedly stolen by Apartheid govt and which has left SA bankrupted

ANCWL statement on the Public Protector report on CIEX

19 June 2017

The African National Women's League (ANCWL) welcomes the Public Protector report which instructs the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to recover the misappropriated public funds given to ABSA amounting to R1.1 billion.

The ANCWL  has been consistently calling for the release of all reports related to CIEX in order for South Africans to find closure on the matter.  The ANCWL calls for government departments and all State owned entities doing business with ABSA to terminate their contracts with ABSA with immediate effect. Government and its entities cannot continue to give business to the same ABSA  who has failed to repay the loan from the South African Reserve Bank.

Whilst the ANCWL welcomes the findings of the Public Protector on ABSA, we appeal for further probe to recover all the monies allegedly stolen by the Apartheid government and its cronies which has left South Africa bankrupted. The ANCWL believes that those funds have to be recovered and used for the development of the prosperous country.  

Issued by Meokgo Matuba, ANCWL Secretary General, 19 June 2017