Lichtenburg cheese factory to close - Clover

Water, power outages, and failing infrastructure main reason for decision to relocate production to Durban

Relocation of cheese production to Queensburgh

8 June 2021

Ongoing poor service delivery is the main reason for Clover’s decision to move its cheese production from Lichtenburg to Queensburgh, Durban. Clover already has operations in Queensburgh and the eThekwini municipality has proven to be supportive.

For years, the Lichtenburg factory has been experiencing water and power outages and the surrounding infrastructure has not been maintained by the municipality. Despite numerous efforts to engage the municipality on these matters, the issues have not been resolved.

This has negatively impacted production which requires a continuous process and it is no longer feasible for the business to operate in Lichtenburg.

Statement issued by Clover, 8 June 2021