No discussion relating to joint presidential candidate - Multi-Party Charter

Parties say they have leaders who are all capable of providing leadership needed to start the work of turning SA around

Multi-Party Charter distances itself from media reports of a presidential candidate

4 December 2023

The Multi-Party Charter For South Africa notes media reports over the weekend regarding discussions between one of the parties to our agreement and Mr Roger Jardine, particularly as it relates to the latter’s intention to enter politics.

It is fully recognised that every party in the Multi-Party Charter has the autonomous right to engage with, and make decisions about their relationship with, different individuals and organisations. Notwithstanding this fact, the Multi-Party Charter For South Africa would like to point out that there have been no discussions relating to a joint presidential candidate for the Charter.

The Charter agreement recognises the individual identity of each party and the imperative for each party to grow its individual electoral support with a view to advancing the prospects of a collective majority for the Charter. It is understood that this requires each party to advance its own offer to the South African people within the context of the agreement.

The Multi-Party Charter would also like to make it clear that any decision to support a joint presidential candidate, either before or after the election, would be based on the merit and mandate of the candidate.

The parties in the Multi-Party Charter For South Africa affirm that our parties are led by leaders who are all capable of providing the leadership needed for a new multi-party coalition to start the work of turning South Africa around.

Joint Media Statement by the DA, IFP, FF Plus, ActionSA, ACDP, ISANCO, UIM and SNP, 4 December 2023