R6,4m spent on Nkandla security upgrades - DPW

Funds paid for road building, family relocation and site establishment


QUESTION 2151 Written reply 13 AUGUST 2010

2151. Mr. P B Mnguni (Cope) to ask the Minister of Public Works:

(a) What was the (i) actual amount spent on the upgrade of the President's Nkandla home and (ii) breakdown of the expenditure, (b) was the amount budgeted for and (c) what is the estimated annual amount for maintenance of the house? NW2591E


(a) (i) The Department of Public Works has not spent any money on the upgrade of the President's Nkandla home. The only expenditure incurred by Public Works will be as per the prescripts of the Ministerial Handbook that are required for a sitting Head of State, and any other requirements that would be determined by security, health and other related departments.

(b) and (c) As per response of (a), (b) and (c) fall away.


 (Section a (ii) of the draft reply)

The break down of the R6, 400 000.00 is as follows:

Funds paid for professional fees  R 5,700,000.00

Funds paid to contractor for:

  • Relocation of families in line with security policie
  • Site Establishment
  • Construction of bypass roads

R 700,000.00

Total funds paid to date - R 6,400,000.00

Issued by Parliament, September 1 2010

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