'Shoot the boer' ruling a vindication - TAU SA

Farmers' union calls on govt to pay renewed attention to attacks on farms and smallholdings


The judgment of Judge Lamont has vindicated TAU SA in its attempt to erase hate speech from South African society and thus contributing to put and end to violent victimization of farmers and farm dwellers. TAU SA calls upon the ANC and Mr Malema to accept the judgment, to let the matter end here, and to strive for peaceful co-existence, and respect between cultural groups and races in South Africa . The time has come to stop fighting.

TAU SA calls upon government, in the light of evidence in this case, to give particular attention and focus to violent crimes on farms and small holdings as well as other crimes threatening the sustainability of agriculture. It is imperative that the scope of such crimes become visible. If the SAPS is able to present detail of attacks against its members, the maintenance of a data base for farm attacks should be viable. The authorities are again requested to consider the establishment of a special unit capable of acting against such criminals.

TAU SA wishes to record its appreciation to the members of their legal team lead by Adv Roelof du Plessis SC who notwithstanding undeserved criticism in the media conducted themselves in an exemplary manner. Despite negative comments from various sources, fitting evidence was tabled and thorough arguments produced results which will serve society at large.

TAU SA will continue to use the means at its disposal to protect private property rights as well as those constitutional rights applicable to its members. We will continue to oppose those who threaten food security and the safety of the agricultural community.

Statement issued by TAU SA, September 12 2011

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