R22m spent on so-called "stadium" a joke – EFF ECape

Fighters have opened case of corruption in Komani against Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality leadership

EFF Eastern Cape statement on the Lesseyton unveiled stadium

6 October 2021

The EFF has opened a case of corruption in Komani against Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality leadership for the R22 million stadium (CAS 43/10/2021). The unveiled stadium is a basic facility without anything that justifies the R22 million which the municipality spent on its construction. There are glaring signs of money laundering and corruption in the entire project, and we have entrusted the criminal justice system to investigate and unearth the truth.

The municipality has been in financial crisis for the duration of this term. The Auditor General also previously raised alarm about the flouting of Public Finance Management Act and the collapse of internal financial controls in the municipality. The EFF has also been fighting to uproot the rampant corruption in the municipality since the beginning of this term.

The EFF is aware that municipalities have become the biggest ANC's source of unscrupulous funds, and the collapse of many Eastern Cape municipalities is due to the ANC's looting of municipal funds to finance their struggling organisation and to fund local government elections campaign. The unveiling of this stadium and other embarrassing projects is their desperate attempt to mask their looting of municipal funds.

The EFF condemns the blatant embezzling of public funds by ANC and will ensure that all the culprits involved in the corrupt procurement of the R22 million stadium are jailed and removed from the public institutions.

Issued by Yazini Tetyana, Provincial Chairperson, EFF, 6 October 2021