We didn't receive any money from VBS or Vele - SACP

Party says formal complaint to be lodged with Press Council Ombud against City Press with utmost urgency

SACP lodges complaint with the Press Council Ombud on allegations published by the City Press

The South African Communist Party (SACP) has lodged a complaint with the Press Council Ombud on the story that the “VBS BANK PAID MILLIONS FOR SACP” published by the City Press. The City Press circulated the headline on 10 November 2018.

When the allegation first surfaced, the SACP inquired with its national finance department to obtain facts. It was made clear that the SACP did not receive any money from the VBS Mutual Bank or Vele Investments, either as a direct donation or payment for the Party to the venue of its 14th National Congress held in July 2017.

To this end the Party’s Political Bureau which convened on Friday, 16 November 2018, received a report.

Based on the information before the meeting, and given the immense reputational damage caused by the widely circulated City Press headline, the Politburo deemed it prudent that, as the first step, a formal complaint be lodged with the Press Council Ombud with utmost urgency.

The SACP’s commitment to fight corruption is sacrosanct

The Politburo stressed that the SACP’s commitment to fight corruption is sacrosanct. The meeting strongly and unanimously emphasised that should it be proven through incontrovertible evidence that any money donated to the SACP was acquired through corrupt means, the Party will both ensure that such money is paid back and take disciplinary and/or legal action against any member who knowingly participated in obtaining such money.

The SACP’s Red October Campaign 2018-2019 theme is premised on fighting corruption and serving the people selflessly. The SACP will not be silenced by any means whatsoever and will, as it has done consistently, fight and deepen the struggle against corruption regardless of whether it takes place in the private sector or the state.

Statement issued by the SACP, 18 November 2018