We will take the NWest, it is just a matter of time – EFF

Fighters say they are proud of their growth in the province after by-election victory in Coligny

EFF statement on winning ward 15 Ditsobotla Municipality by-elections

26 April 2018 

The EFF expresses deep gratitude to the people of Ward 15 Coligny in Ditsobotla Municipality, North West, for giving their ward to the EFF during the by-Elections. The EFF has registered a victory through the candidature of fighter Bongane Cekiso. We wish him and the people of Ward 15 well the continued fight for quality service delivery.  

The EFF is proud for its growth in the North West and shall ensure to represent the people with humility, determination and selflessness. We shall also ensure that racism and white supremacy ends in Coligny. This victory also goes to all fighters and volunteers who worked tirelessly to win people over to the EFF; we congratulate them too. 

The EFF is going to take the North West Province, it is just a matter of time. 

Issued by Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, National Spokesperson, EFF, 26 April 2018