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#CoronavirusSA: South African adland industry survey
MarkLives and HaveYouHeard’s insights department are launching the first South African advertising communications services industry survey to track the impact of covid-19 upon you, your agency/company and the brands you manage. These are unprecedented times with unknown and uncertain consequences and we ask you to share your experience with us as we build a national view of the evolving environment.

On the Radar:

Khanya Sijaji joins WPP’s Liquid
Mickey Llew opens in CT, appoints CT lead

#Tracker: Adland responds to #covid19 • 30 Mar–3Apr
#Tracker: Adland responds to #covid19 • 23–27 Mar

by MarkLives. Tracking South African and African brands and comms agencies’ reactions and news: Effies SA, intellectual property, WARC global ad trends, MultiChoice, united SA retailers, agencies launch staff emergency family fund, dashboard; PAMS results, B2B title suspends print editions, restaurant and food delivery, Virgin Active, Nu Metro, Loeries, Constitution Hill, restaurant and food delivery, Virgin Active, Nu Metro, Loeries and Constitution Hill.

The Martini Shot: The long road back
by Tom Fels. As we rebuild, here are five areas in which we can take strategic advantage of the situation to foster more-conscious business.

Dear Radio: Radio locks down but listenership is up
by Paulo Dias. While we’re still in the early days, what could the radio listening landscape look like over these three weeks of coronavirus lockdown in South Africa?

By Invitation Only: Zombie apocalypse
by Wendy Shepherd. You all know the boiling frog analogy by now. The coronavirus has had the opposite effect, and with some very interesting — and very human — consequences on our collective behaviour.

Media Redefined: Home is where the media is
by Martin MacGregor. Imagine your whole target market is forced to stay at home and unable to keep their eyes off their screens. We don’t have to anymore.

By Invitation Only: In crisis, the binary power of legal+comms
by Candice Luis. Covid-19 is presenting legal and crisis teams with unprecedented challenges; now, more than ever, we need to come together as we navigate this uncharted territory.

“Global pandemic brief” — WTF?!
by Leigh Tayler. Pandemic — novel coronavirus — covid-19 — the age-old question of what, if any, right or role may brands play during this time of global disaster rears its head. At what point does a brand’s engagement on an issue become exploitative? My latest “WTF?! moment”.

By Invitation Only: Make hay while the sun’s online
by David Alves. Businesses that have been gearing up to service customer demand via an online offering have the most to gain during this time of need for consumers.


Q5: Darren Sandras on creative sector & digi-tech challenges [interview]
by Carey Finn. Darren Sandras, director and partner at specialist entertainment marketing agency, One-eyed Jack, talks to the future of the creative sector and the challenges faced as digital technology plays an ever-bigger role, especially now.

SA TV Ratings: SABC 1 — primetime top 20 for Feb, Jan 2020
by MarkLives. The hottest primetime shows on SABC 1 in South Africa revealed: TV ratings for February and January 2020.

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