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On the Radar:

-PreeteshSewraj new Loeries CEO
-Hoorah acquires 2AM
-New 5FM station, programme managers
-Iconic Collective adds PR division
-Okosi moving from ViacomCBS to YouTube
-Brand Amazon exceeds US$200bn value mark


#AgencyLeaders2019: Women of the year
by MarkLives. For 2019, Fran Luckin has been voted by South African agency executives as their Woman of the Year in South Africa, with Steph van Niekerk as runner-up.


What are the industry expectations for the marketing and advertising industry in 2020? A panel of key agency and marketing execs discusses the macro environment, budgets, changes in messaging, movement in the industry and any consumer and communication trends they’ll be looking out for in the year ahead.

#BigQ2020: A brave new world!
by Prakash Patel. Let’s get focused by knowing where we want to be in a year’s time — by being more purposeful and committed to becoming greater visionaries, innovators, disruptors and thinkers.

#BigQ2020: Hello, blurred world!
by Naeem Seedat. 2020 marks the start of a feeding frenzy, with ‘outsiders’ increasingly eating the lunch of ‘insiders’.

#BigQ2020: A new decade of change in the advertising industry
by Johanna McDowell & César Vacchiano. Where to from here? We present 10 trends for 2020 and the decade to come.

#BigQ2020: A focus on the unchanging
by Faheem Chaudhry. It might be more useful to take a step back to gain some perspective and notice what isn’t changing, rather than what is, as we head into the new decade.


Media Redefined: Killing it with data
by Martin MacGregor. Last year I found my most-powerful tool was the one-slider data visual that cut to the chase. I also realised the other day that I buy The Economist for the pictures — not the photos but the brilliant way data is visualised.

An Accountant in Adland: Becoming time unstrapped [S2 E3]
by SiweThusi. This decade, we need to be much more conscious about what we to do in our time, with whom and how we protect it.

Gestalt: How DXMs became the enterprise’s connected core
by Leeya Hendricks. We love a good acronym, we IT professionals. And, as it happens, the ‘enterprise experience’ space is abuzz with them.

By Invitation Only: Old ways of doing biz are dead —can we adapt fast enough to survive?
by David Cohen. Here’s how agencies may build a future-fit business that embraces the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

By Invitation Only: The case for being human in an otherwise inhumanE world
by Taazima Kala-Essack. The case for people, brands and businesses becoming more human gets stronger every day. In cracks of darkness, light gets in.

Clicks ’n Tricks: The cookie monster crumbles
by Charlie Stewart. Google’s finally given in and agreed to kill third-party cookies. But a phased approach means advertisers have a couple of years to find alternative ways of reaching customers as they browse the internet.

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