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New Riverbed strategy director


#BrandFocus: KFC South Africa still innovating & collaborating
by Sabrina Forbes. For Suhayl Limbada, KFC South Africa marketing director: innovation, because KFC is considered a South African brand by most, it needs to stay true to that.

Van der Haar on change, creativity & transformation
by Jessica Evans. While Odette van der Haar has embraced her new position at Publicis Africa, she remains involved in the ACA, and it seems she still has much to do.

#BigQEmployers: No bigger subject than issues of reputation
by MarkLives. How successful have local ad agencies been in creating positive employer reputations? What do they consider best practice, how do they measure their reputations among employees and what impact has positive employer reputation had on their ability to attract star talent? Alistair King is our next panellist to tackle this Big Q.

Q5: Changing the words we use about Africa, with Mimi Kalinda [interview]
by Carey Finn. The group CEO and co-founder of the Africa Communications Media Group is passionate about African markets and the narratives in and around them.

#BigQNarratives: SA adland can’t champion what it doesn’t understand
by MarkLives. Veli Ngubane is our third panellist to tackle: "Are SA ad agencies and brands embracing an authentically African narrative and aesthetic or do they continue to imitate US and European work?"


Masterclass Notes: Trends from #AdForumSummit London
by Johanna McDowell. Here are seven possible trends that stood out at the recent AdForum Worldwide Summit in London, 22–25 September 2019.

An Accountant in Adland: The greatest storyline ever told [S2 E1]
by Siwe Thusi. For me, strategy is storytelling, and plot twists are ultimately insights that change the course of storylines.

Clicks ’n Tricks: Crafting a winning digital marketing award entry
by Charlie Stewart. Having recently returned from another year of judging a very mixed bag of Assegai entries, I thought it’d be useful to offer some pointers as to what constitutes a winning award submission.

Thinking B2B: How tech is changing B2B marketing
by Warren Moss. Marketing technology (martech) has come a really long way over the last few years, particularly in the B2B arena. As powerful as it is, it still needs to be implemented properly.

SA TV Ratings:
SABC 1 — primetime top 20 for Aug 2019

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