"Death on these hands! Driven by satanism, boy of 14 butchers his family!" - Daily Sun

The front page and lead story of SA's largest daily newspaper, May 27 2013




Daily Sun (March 27 2013) - HE IS only 14 years old, but he already has blood on his hands. So desperate was he to be accepted as a member of a satanic church that he followed their evil instructions . . .AND IN THE LIGHT OF THE FULL MOON, HE ALLEGEDLY HACKED FOUR OF HIS FAMILY MEMBERS TO DEATH.

The bloody carnage started on Thursday at midnight when the boy from Barcelona in Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni, lit three red candles and prayed to his satanic masters. Then he took an axe and allegedly attacked his own family. His mother (30) died at the scene, the body of a three-month old baby was later found in the bushes by cops.

His grandmother (58) and his brother (5) died later at the Far East Rand Hospital in Springs. The teenager's twin cousins managed to escape and alerted neighbours. On Friday, he was found hiding in a shack in the area with his clothes covered in blood. He led the people to a friend's house whom he said was a member of a satanic church in Daveyton, but the friend could not be found.

Surrounded by the angry crowd, who had beaten him, the boy was heard singing a gospel song and a member of the crowd ordered him to chant "demon, go away, phuma demon". He did this, hiding his eyes from the cops, the crowd and the SunTeam. Cops arrived in time to save him from the angry crowd.

Before being taken away by police, the boy spoke to the People's Paper. "In January, I met a man who recruited me for their satanic church," said the boy, who could not name the church. "He told me that if I wanted to be a member of the church I would have to sacrifice my family. I would also receive R100 million." He said he was instructed to wait for the full moon. "On Thursday I attacked my family," he said.

"I couldn't drink the blood of my mother, grandmother and brother because my two cousins alerted the neighbours, so I took my baby sister and ran to the bushes where I killed and drank her blood to complete the ritual." He said the voice in his ears told him to kill. "I felt amazing power. I felt no mercy for my family."

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