Podcast: 5G comment deadline has been extended

Benji Shulman talks to Rob Hutchinson about the public push back on the issue

Podcast: 5G Comment Deadline has Been Extended

27 August 2020

The roll out of 5G in South Africa has proved controversial, especially in reference to the deployment of the technology on public and private land. The focus of much of the debate is on the constitutional issues of private property rights and proposed governmental power to place 5G stations on land without permission or payment. Comments have been extended till the 3rd of September giving the public more time to raise their concerns and objections on the legislation.

Rob Hutchinson ,MD at Dear South Africa also gives an update on a New Environmental Authorisation Exemption has been introduced, it proposes that the adoption of the generic environmental program will allow large infrastructure projects to avoid going through the lengthy processes of environmental assessments. Infrastructure projects that will be exempted will include power lines and gas transmission pipelines.

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You can have your say on both issues at the Dear South Africa website.

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