Podcast: SARS Wants to make it easier to criminalise your tax return

Benji Shulman speaks to Rob Hutchison about how SARS wants to change the status of “mistakes” on returns

SARS Wants to make it easier to criminalise your tax return

21 August 2020

Minister of finance Tito Mboweni earlier during the year introduced the new tax laws and tax rates amendment Bill which was subdivided into three.

The first law being the introduction of export duties on scrap metal. The second being the tax measures of foreign exchange rates. Which will regulate the digital or virtual currencies, such as crypto currency. The third being the introduction of the carbon tax levy, which was initially introduced as a way reducing greenhouse gas emission. This can be seen an additional carbon levy rather than an increase in the current existing levy.

Hugely controversial is the proposed removal of the requirement on SARS to prove intent from certain criminal offences with regard to disclosures made in respect of income tax, VAT and Tax Administration ACT declarations. This means should you make a mistake in your tax declarations, SARS can deem this as criminal intent.

Rob Hutchison MD at Dear South Africa explain more on what these tax laws mean and what their legal implications are in the interview with 101.9 Chai FM below.

Rob also speaks about the Film and Publications amendment Bill (internet censorship).This law was proposed as a way of protecting sensitive viewers from harmful content, such as pornography and excessive violence but yet many commentators have urged that it stands against the right of freedom of expression as provided in the South African Constitution.

You can listen to the interview on 101.9 Chai FM.

You can have your say on both issues at the Dear South Africa website.

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