GDP: Farmers rescue economy from recession – TAU SA

Organisation says this at a time when the ANC govt is gunning for commercial agriculture

Agriculture saves the economy

6 September 2017

The fact that the national economy does not find itself in a recession anymore, is due to agriculture which made a huge contribution. According to the statistician general agriculture showed a growth of 33,6%.

“This is clear proof that agriculture forms the basis of the economy”, says TAU SA president Mr Louis Meintjes. “Agriculture is therefore responsible for the improvement which lifted the country from the technical recession”.

This is proof that government is playing with fire by abusing agricultural land for political-ideological purposes. What the country needs now is economic stability, and recent developments once again prove that agriculture is assisting in the stabilisation of the economy and even contributing to growth.

“Government and other role players need to take cognisance of this, remove agriculture from political arena, allow farmers to put food on the table and assisting the country to regain economic prosperity”, said Mr. Meintjes.

Issued by Louis Meintjes, President TAU SA, 6 September 2017