ANC PTT further destabilises NWest – Joe McGluwa

DA PC not surprised to learn that seven mayors are refusing to tender their resignations

Failing ANC Provincial Task Team further destabilizes North West Municipalities

7 December 2018

Following the failing ANC’s North West Provincial Task Team (PTT) announcement of a mass recall of mayors earlier this week, the DA is not at all surprised to learn that seven mayors are refusing to tender their resignations and are considering legal action to oppose the PTT’s decision.

As the DA anticipated, this mass recall will further destabilize local governance in the province. Like clockwork, we expected the whole cohort of failing ANC mayors to oppose their recall, the bulk of whom are firmly part of the Supra Mahumapelo faction.

Again it is the people of North West who are left to bear the brunt of ANC internal factionalism. Governance and service delivery throughout the province have collapsed.

Only the removal of the ANC from government will bring change to North West.

The DA maintains that in order for governance and service delivery to improve in the province, these affected municipalities need to be dissolved under Section 139(1)(c) of the Constitution which will allow the people to elect the DA into government.

The DA has a credible track record in corruption-free good governance that delivers services to all, which attracts investment and creates jobs. The DA has the capacity, the skills, and the political will to govern in the interest of the people of North West.

Issued by Joe McGluwa, DA North West Premier Candidate, 7 December 2018