ANC should take critique of sports quotas seriously – FF Plus

Party says Beauty Dlulane's response to Siya Kolisi exposes her ignorance

Kolisi: Dlulane shows ANC’s true colours

10 January 2019

The statement made earlier this week by the chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Sport, Beauty Dlulane, that sport quotas have no bearing on competence not only shows her ignorance regarding the matter, but also once again highlights the ANC government's policy on quotas in sport.

Dlulane responded to a media interview with the Springbok captain, Siya Kolisi, in which he said, according to the article, that he would not want to be picked for the team based on his skin colour.

Instead of criticising, the ANC should rather take Kolisi's critique of transformation in sport seriously.

Transformation and Affirmative Action practices inhibit the use and development of sport talent and remains a divisive factor in South African sport.

Dlulane, however, prefers to regard the pride that sportsmen take in their hard work and preparation as less important than her and the ANC's political ideology and obsession with race.

The FF Plus is opposed to race-based quotas in sport seeing as it is nothing but blatant political interference; something that various international sports councils and federations also condemn. It denies sportsmen the assurance that they will be selected based on merit.

It is concerning that Dlulane said in her statement that "transformation will remain so for as long as necessary".  The FF Plus will keep fighting back against quotas in all areas, also on the sports field.

Issued by Wouter Wessels, FF Plus Member of Parliament, 10 January 2019