Crowdfunding campaign launched to pay for Dros rape victim's therapy

One donor contributed as much as R31 000

Crowdfunding campaign launched to pay for Dros rape victim's therapy

11 October 2018

Anonymous donors have launched a crowdfunding campaign for the 7-year-old girl who was raped at a Dros restaurant in Pretoria last month and contributions are pouring in.

The campaign, crated by anonymous donors, went live on October 3 and was created to raise funds for therapy sessions for the child.

So far, about 55 contributors have donated.

According to a BackaBuddy spokesperson Zane Groenewald, one donor contributed as much as $2 122.47 (about R31 000).

The campaign's creators have asked to remain anonymous. In a statement, one of them said they did not need any recognition. They merely wanted to "come together as concerned citizens and help this young victim whose life has all but been destroyed".

"We know that rape can traumatise the victim emotionally for years afterwards, so we hope the funds raised will be used for therapy and rehabilitation for the victim so that she can have some semblance of normality or even happiness again."

However, they added that they were happy to allow the family to use the money any way they saw fit.

"We trust the family will know best what to do to help their daughter under the circumstances, and we will certainly not dictate how the money should be spent," a campaign creator said.

Groenewald said BackaBuddy would manage the funds strictly and that it would only be made available to the child's family or people identified by the family.

"In the event that we are unable to reach the family, donors will be informed and refunded accordingly," he added.

Anyone who would like to contribute can visit the homepage.

The girl, 7, was raped in the men's toilets at the family restaurant on September 22.

The man accused of raping her appeared in court earlier this month and he is in custody. Legally, he cannot be named until he has pleaded.