DA defeats ANC in NCape by-election - Refiloe Nt'sekhe

Party's support in Gamagara surged from 46,3% to 57,35%, Midvaal ward also retained

DA defeats the ANC in Northern Cape by-election, retains Midvaal Ward

21 September 2017

The DA has defeated the ANC, and won Ward 7 in the Gamagara by-election in the Northern Cape.

This victory is testimony that the people of South Africa are tired of the corruption, poverty and inequality the ANC perpetuates and that the DA is the only party that can bring about a complete change for the better.

The DA’s support in Gamagara, surged from 46.3% in 2016, to 57.35% in yesterday’s results.

Not only did the DA in Gamagara succeed in merely defeating the ANC, but we did so with an outright majority.

This result reaffirms that ordinary South Africans will see the DA as the only credible alternative to the corrupt ANC government.

The DA’s hard work in Midvaal has also paid off.  In yesterday’s by-election in Ward 7 Midvaal, the DA retained the Ward and grew our percentage of the vote from 76.59 in 2016, to 77.14%.

The DA congratulates our councillors in Gamagara and Midvaal on their victories, we have faith that they will serve our people with passion and distinction.

The ANC has proven time and again that they are a party of empty promises and have no respect for the future of this country and its people.

We thank the residents of Gamagara and Midvaal for pitting their faith in the DA. We are committed to improving the lives of all South Africans and providing them with opportunities to access jobs and basic services.

Issued by Refiloe Nt'sekhe, DA National Spokesperson, 21 September 2017