DA WCape decline continues – GOOD

Party says, in George, it almost won the first by-election it has ever contested

DA Western Cape decline continues

18 July 2019

GOOD within 8 votes of winning first-ever by election, while ANC comes nowhere.

The GOOD Party has come within a whisker of winning the first by-election it has ever contested, in Ward 20 in Borcherds, George Municipality, as the DA continues to lose its grip on the Western Cape.

The by-election was held yesterday after the respected Mercia Draghoender resigned as the DA’s Ward Councillor to join GOOD.

Despite the DA and ANC pouring resources into the contest, when the result was announced last night GOOD had come within 0.3% (or just 8 votes) of victory.

GOOD received 32.20% of the vote against the DA candidate’s 32.5%. The ANC could only achieve 22.81%.

In two years time we will be back in George for municipal elections, when we will be aiming to win control of the council,” GOOD organiser Shaun August said. “Support for other political parties will continue to decline as people lose faith in their leadership and see through their empty promises and delivery failures.”

Issued by Shaun August, GOOD organiser, 18 July 2019