Gaza: The Zionist have bought Patricia de Lille's silence - COSATU WCape

Tony Ehrenreich says that, based on this moral outrage, we're calling for vote of no confidence in Mayor by people of Cape Town

Majority of parties in City to call for a moment of silence in Support of Palestinians

The majority of Parties will today call for a moment of silence to honour the dead and injured in the Palestine.

This call will also condemn the Zionist aggression of the Israeli army.

This call will no doubt be rejected by the DA who supports the Israeli aggression in Palestine as they are their main funders. The Mayor has repeatedly rejected any acknowledgement of the march by thousands of people through the City Centre in support of Peace and Justice in Palestine, as well as the return of the occupied lands.

This will see conflict in the Council within the ranks of the DA, as there are many supporters of the Palestinians who cannot understand the stance of the DA in supporting Israeli aggression.

The DA will also be condemned for spending less than 80% of the Capital budget of the City of Cape Town, which is a clear display of incompetence. This under spending is compounded by the fact that all the City Executive Directors got big bonuses for their work, but many have clearly failed badly in spending their budgets, which is a clear indication of the performance of the City of Cape Town.

The amount of funds used to pay for the purchase of the Design City rights has again demanded fresh disbursements.

This gimmick has now consumed more funds during this financial term than the entire spend on the rolling out of service to back yard communities. This is money to the wealthy consultants when the poor communities are screaming out in desperation. The City has no vision and inspiration to present to the people of Cape Town so they go and buy a logo costing in excess of R40 million, which says that clever people will come and fix the problems, but in reality this gimmick has not led to one house being built or any solid benefit to communities. There is just some vague promise of design bringing a better future through the clever white consultants the City is employing.

The City also intends cutting emergency and policing personnel in the middle of the biggest crisis of crime facing the City.

The City needs the Savings to pay for the multimillion rand related salary of Tim Harris, who was exposed for his incompetence by Minister Patel on National television. He did not want to return to parliament in shame and so was given this high priced job by Zille in the City. Zille gave him the job because he replaced her in the debate with Minister Patel and spared her the humiliation of having her incompetence exposed. So she owes Harris a huge favour. The favour is costing Policemen their jobs and denying communities protection from the scourge of crime.

This City is being mismanaged by a Mayor who has exposed herself as being up for sale to the highest bidder after her party [ID] got less than 10% of the vote in Cape Town. Now the Zionist buys her silence in the face of the most brutal attack against Gaza, condemned by more than 30 000 marchers in Cape Town. The Mayor serves the Zionist agenda ahead of the People of Cape Town on instruction of the Premier and DA leader.

Based on this moral outrage we are calling for a vote of no confidence in the Mayor De Lille, by the people of Cape Town.

The polling will take place on Monday 4 August 2014, following which; there will be a mass programme to oust the Mayor who serves foreign interest ahead of the people of Cape Town.

Statement issued by COSATU Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, July 23 2014

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